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Is Your Digital Empire Hack Proof? Protect Your Business Assets With Rock Solid Online Security 

Keep your Facebook account, email lists, and websites safe and secure so no one can
… mess with your business
...steal your assets
...take down your website
…steal your customer lists
...empty your bank accounts

The Cyber Security Strategy
You Can't Afford to Ignore!!

Introducing…..HackProofMe Training!

The 4-Week Program That Teaches You To Be Secure Online
This step-by-step online learning experience will teach you the essentials of staying safe online and you'll be guided by a 15-year veteran in the IT industry.
The online world is rife with opportunities, but unfortunately there are also people with malicious intent looking to prey on those who aren't aware of how to stay safe online.
During this four-week program, you’ll get direct access to me, plus a Member’s Area where you can get my entire HackProofMe system. You’ll get all the files and video trainings you’ll need to completely hackproof your business.

The Dreaded Online Entrepreneur Catch-22 

The most significant predicament every online entrepreneur faces
 – that keeps them awake at night – is this:

How to keep my business safe from malicious malware?

Sounds familiar? If you’re an online entrepreneur, you must be thinking of ways that will help you stay safe online.

Each day, more than 30,000 websites are hacked, and unfortunately, things aren't getting any better! 

People get ripped off because they aren't aware of the essential things that could've made them different.

Well, you no longer have to worry about setting things straight because I’m here to help you!

In my 15 years of experience, I’ve single-handedly helped multi-million-dollar businesses with their online security.

With HackProofMe, I'll take you to step by step on a journey where you'll learn how to launch in the face of ransomware and sleep like a baby!

Did you know that 1.5 million phishing websites are created every month?

And most of the entrepreneurs turn a blind eye towards cybersecurity because they think:

“Hey, I’m just a small online business! Why would anyone want to attack me?”

This approach is what allows hackers to take advantage of you! 

Imagine someone getting into your system and asking a ransom of $5,000 for you to be able to access it again?

Well, several online entrepreneurs face these issues on a daily basis and guess what happens to their business after that? It goes down
 because a small business can’t afford to pay ransoms to these hackers. 

That’s why you need to educate yourself about online security!

Three Ways HackProofMe will Help You with Online Security. 

Learn Password Management

Discover the unique ways with which you can manage your passwords better. Get an insider look into the key factors that govern the security and strength of your passwords.

How Not to Get Locked Out?

Gain access to recordings that guide you about ways that help you safely log in and out of your accounts without getting yourself in trouble. 

Fight Ransomware

Learn to laugh in the face of ransomware that is designed to deny access to a computer system or data until a ransom is paid. It can be devastating if you don’t learn how to tackle it on your own.

This Training is for You if… 

✅ You want to get rid of the frustration of remembering and managing your passwords
✅ You want to know for sure that hackers can't get access to your accounts

✅ You want your privacy and identity protected from theft

✅ You want to browse the internet with the confidence that you’re safe

So, how much are your business, personal family photos, and precious data worth?  

43% of Breach Victims are Small Businesses! One Major Set Back Can Prove Fatal

But You Can Avoid that with HackProofMe Training! 

Here's what you're going to get!

4 weeks of small group coaching to accelerate you to being hackproof

4 weeks of small group coaching to accelerate you to being hackproof

($1997 value)

LIFETIME access to the recorded course material to refer back to

LIFETIME access to the recorded course material to refer back to

($997 value)

A private FB group with full access to me

A private FB group with full access to me

($397 value)

30 days of priority Messenger access with quick responses

30 days of priority Messenger access with quick responses

($597 value)

Peace of Mind that Hackers Can't Hurt You!


Total Value: $3988

Program begins August 4.

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$497 One-Time Payment
$197/month for 3 months
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